Kenneth Gibson

Now at Santa Ana for Reassignment
Technical Sergeant Kenneth V. Gibson, 27, son of Mr. and Mrs. David T. Gibson, Eau Claire, is currently assigned to the Army Air Forces Redistribution Station No. 4 at Santa Ana Army Air Base.

Sergeant Gibson, who has served as an Armorer for P-47 Thunderbolts and P-38 Lightnings, entered the service on November 30, 1940 and went overseas in June 1941. He is entitled to wear two Battle Stars for serving with the Seventh Air Force in the Central Pacific area.

At this redistribution station, an operation of the Personal Distribution Command, combat returnees of the Army Air Forces receive complete medical examinations, classification interviews, and reassignment to domestic stations of the Army Air Forces.

Technical Sergeant Kenneth B.[?] Gibson has returned to Santa Ana Air Base, CA to await further assignment. He has been spending a 21-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. David I. Gibson, Route 5, Eau Claire, after serving for 44 months in the South Pacific area.