Vernon J. Gilbertson

Private Vernon J. Gilbertson, Air Service Command, stationed at Albuquerque, NM, is spending his furlough with his wife and mother, Mrs. George Gilbertson, 515 Forest Street.

Private Vernon J. Gilbertson has returned to Albuquerque, NM, where he is stationed with the Air Service Command. He was accompanied by his wife, who will make her home there for an indefinite period. Corporal and Mrs. Everett Baker accompanied them as far as Minneapolis.

Roger Gilbertson Home on Furlough
Corporal Roger A. Gilbertson, United States Marine Corps, son of Mrs. George Gilbertson, 515 Forest Street, is spending a 30-day delay, en route here. Corporal Gilbertson, who has ended 18 months service in the Southwest Pacific, was connected with a tank battalion. He will report to Newport, RI on September 24.

Entering the service in August 1942, he went overseas in January 1943, after training at Camps Elliott and Pendleton and the San Diego Marine Base in California.

While in the Southwest Pacific area, he met Corporal  Merle "Ace" Gullickson, Corporal Don Stygar, Staff Sergeant Neil Hovind, and Eugene Berg from Eau Claire. Several Marines from this area were in his division.

Corporal Gilbertson has been at Guadalcanal and in New Zealand, among other points in the Southwest Pacific.

His brother, Sergeant Howard Gilbertson, is in the Signal Corps in the Army, somewhere in the Southwest Pacific, and another brother, Private First Class Vernon J. Gilbertson, is with the Air Service Command, stationed at Albuquerque, N M.