Donald L. Gilboy

Guy C. Becker, 124 N. Michigan Street; James A Fisher, 1520 Quarry Street; Donald Gilboy, 141 Pitt Street; James A. Roach, 110 Illinois Street; and Gerald E. Patneaude, 1009 Hastings Way, left Wednesday for the Navy.

Ernest R. Gilboy, Fireman First Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike H. Gilboy, 141 Pitt Street, is home on leave from the Southwest Pacific, where he served as a gunner on a destroyer which took part in many of the campaigns in that theater of operations.

"Bud," as he is called by his friends, has been awarded four stars for participation in the four major battles of Bougainville, Bismarck Archipelago, Marshall Islands, and Gilbert Islands.

Fireman Gilboy witnessed the sinking of the Liscum Bay, of which there were few survivors. He has been at battle areas in Pearl Harbor, Tarawa, Guadalcanal, New Guinea, New Ireland, and New Georgia.

Entering the Navy on March 29, 1943, he received his boot training at Camp Waldron, Farragut, ID. 

He will leave Thursday for San Francisco, CA for a new assignment.

Besides himself, he has four brothers in the service. Staff Sergeant Paul J. Gilboy is serving in England; Leo C. Gilboy, CM Third Class, is stationed in the Hawaiian Islands; Technician Fifth Grade Ralph L. Gilboy, is in Italy with the Fifth Army; a younger brother, Donald L. Gilboy, leaves Thursday for training at the Naval Center at Great Lakes.