Howard Granger

Corporal Howard Granger, who spent a 7-day furlough here with his wife and son, Donald, left February 24 for his station at the Blackstone, VA Air Base.

Corporal Howard Granger, formerly of this city, writes from his station at the Blackstone, VA Air Base, to correct the statement published here that he spent a furlough at the home of his wife in this city. Corporal and Mrs. Granger are divorced. Corporal Granger was the guest of a friend in Altoona while visiting here in February.

Technician Fifth Grade Howard Granger has arrived in England, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Granger, 1436 Harding Avenue.

Entering the service on May 17, 1943, he received his training at Camp Stewart, GA and Camp Pickett, VA.

He is in an anti-aircraft unit.