Herbert G. Grewe

Major Grewe Heads Dental Clinic at Assignment Center
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ March 11--Major Herbert G. Grewe, Eau Claire dentist, who left a practice in the Union National Bank Building with his brother, Dr. R. H. Grewe, to enter the Army, is now Chief of the Dental Clinic at the Army Air Forces Redistribution Station No. 1 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

He is pictured here getting ready to work on the teeth of a returned Army Air Forces Airman. This is one of three Air Force stations through which all Air Force personnel, who have seen combat duty abroad, return to get new assignments.

Dental Work Just Like Home

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ  When Captain Eber "Suitcase" Simpson of 321 McKinley Avenue, Eau Claire, WI, veteran P-47 pilot with the Ninth Air Force, reported to the Army Air Forces Redistribution Station No. 1 for his new assignment and went to the dental clinic to have his teeth fixed, he met his former dentist of civilian days, Major Herbert Grewe, also of Eau Claire. 

Needless to say, there was lots of reminiscing between these two old friends. 

Captain Simpson flew 102 missions with the Ninth Army Air Force and wears the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with 18 clusters for his service overseas.