Carl Gullickson

Private Andrew Gullikson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gullikson, 209 South Ninth Street, has arrived safely in Italy, according to word received by his parents. He entered the service on July 20, 1943. His brother, Private First Class Gustav Gullikson, is also overseas, somewhere in Iran. Another brother, Carl, is a Paratrooper in training at Camp McCall, NC.

Private Carl Gullikson has returned to Camp McCall, NC, after spending a 12-day furlough with his wife and son and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gullikson.

Two Eau Claire Soldiers Qualify as Paratroopers
Two Eau Claire men have won the right to wear the wings and boots of the U.S. Army Volunteer Paratrooper, according to a report from the Parachute School, Fort Benning, GA.

They are Private Carl Gullikson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gullikson, 209 South Ninth Street, and Private Nathan E. Cornell, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cornell, 1801 Altoona Avenue.

They made their fifth and qualifying jump, a night tactical leap, identical to actual combat work in Sicily, which completed their four weeks of jump training.

Jumping at the parachute school has been steadily developed to a recognized war science. There is but one per cent chance of suffering injury while jumping at the school, Fort Benning officials report. In addition to producing jumpers for combat, parachute specialist training is given to qualified men in camouflage, communication, demolition, riggers, and sewing machine maintenance.  

Private Carl Gullikson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gullikson, 209 South Ninth Street, has graduated from the Parachute Rigging and Packing Course at Fort Benning, GA, upon completion of a five-week course.

Private Carl Gullickson has arrived in England, according to word received by is wife, who resides at 611 1/2 Babcock Street. 

Private Gullickson entered the service on June 26, 1943 and received his training at Camp Callan, CA; Fort Benning, GA; Camp Mackall, NC; and Fort Meade, MD. 

He is in a Parachute Infantry. 

Private Gullickson has a brother in Italy and a sister Ethel in the WAVES at Corpus Christi, TX.

Technician Fifth Grade Gustave Gullickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gullickson, 209 South Ninth Street, Eau Claire, has returned to this country, after serving 26 months in Iran. He is spending a 30-day furlough at the home of his parents.

His two brothers, Private Andrew Gullickson, serving with the Field Artillery, and Private Carl Gullickson, paratrooper, are both in France. Carl's wife and small son reside at 611 1/2 Babcock Street.

Their sister, Mrs. Ethel G. Johnson, WAVES First Class, is also home on leave. She is stationed at Corpus Christi, TX. Her husband, Robert Wayne Johnson Aviation Machinist's Mate Second Class, United States Navy, is serving overseas.

Eau Claire WAVES Have Good Reason for Joining Navy
WAVE recruiting in Eau Claire has yielded girls for the Navy with interesting backgrounds and patriotic families.

An Army wife, Mrs. Doris Willkom, 205 Water Street, will christen the USS Wisconsin at the WAVE banquet, Friday evening. Her husband, Private Robert E. Willkom, is serving with the Armed Forces.

A five-star family in Eau Claire claims its place with the enlistment of Miss Betty Jane Mittelstadt, daughter of Mrs. Pearl Mittelstadt, 525 Hudson Street, in the WAVES. She has four brothers in service, Lieutenant Frederick W. Mittelstadt, Jr., USAC; Lieutenant Robert A. Mittelstadt, USAC; Lieutenant Jack Mittelstadt, U.S. Paratroops; and Captain Ed Mathwig, USAC.

Ethel Grace Gullikson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gullikson, 209 South Ninth Street, has three brothers in the service, making it a four-star family. They are Private First Class Andrew Gullikson, Private First Class Gustav Gullikson, and Private First Class Carl Gullikson.

With one member of the family already in the service, Edith Myrtle Holter, 222 Oak Street, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Holter, New Auburn; and Mardell Elaine Gygle, 238 Broadway, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gygle, Haugen, have joined the WAVES. Miss Gygle has a sister in the U.S. Marine Corps and Miss Holter has a brother in the Navy, now serving overseas.

Miss Katherine D. Moussette, 124 North Oxford Avenue, daughter of Mrs. Lena Moussette, Cornell; and Miss Arlene Chrysler, Osseo have also enlisted.

Two birthday girls are on the list, that is girls who will leave for training as soon as they are 20 years of age, Miss Kersten, daughter of William Kersten, Fall Creek, leaving on February 25; and Miss Patricia Erity, leaving on February 26. Miss Kersten has a brother serving with the military police in Italy.

Two teachers, who were placed on the inactive list until the present semester ends in June, are Miss Mousel, daughter of Nick M. Mousel, Elk Mound; and Miss Doris Howe, daughter of Albert Howe, Elk Mound. Miss Howe has a brother, Sergeant Clifford Howe, with the Army Air Corps in Hawaii.