Robert D. Gunderson



Robert D. Gunderson, 21, Petty Officer First Class, is stationed on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific and, during the past six months, he has been in four major engagements, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gunderson, Route 5.

He enlisted in the Navy in December 1940 and received his training at Great Lakes, IL and at Norfolk, VA. He took part in the African invasion. He is an aerial gunner.

His brother, Staff Sergeant Gordon S. Gunderson, 25, is also an aerial gunner, in the Army Air Corps. Also a radio operator, he went overseas to Africa a month ago with a B-24 squadron. 

He entered the service on June 6, 1941 and received his radio training at Truax Field, Madison. Staff Sergeant Gunderson graduated from the gunnery school at Harlingen, TX, second highest in his class.

R. D. Gunderson, Seaman First Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gunderson, Route 5, is spending a leave here, after serving on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific for the past 18 months. He reports back to duty on December 28. He entered the Navy three and one-half years ago.

His brother, Technical Sergeant Gordon Gunderson, is now a radio instructor in West Virginia. He recently completed 50 combat missions in Italy.

Seaman R. D. Gunderson's wife, formerly of Columbus, Ohio, came here with him.