Sidney (Sid) D. Hall

DFC Won by City Pilot in Burma
The Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross have both been presented to First Lieutenant Sidney D. Hall, 240 Gilbert Avenue, at the Burma Headquarters of the Seventh Bombardment Group of Major General Howard C. Davidson's Tenth Air Force, EAC for "meritorious achievement during heavy bombardment missions and Allied operational flights where exposure to enemy fire was probable and expected."

A pilot on a B-24 of the Seventh, which operates with the Tenth Air Force against the Japs over Burma, Hall has spent seven months in the India-Burma Theater and has 34 missions with 305 combat flying hours to his credit. 

He is a graduate of Eau Claire High School and of Eau Claire State Teachers College.

Lieutenant Hall is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Hall. He received his promotion from Second to First Lieutenant the first of the year and was made First Pilot on a B-24.

First Lieutenant Sidney D. Hall, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hall of 240 Gilbert Avenue, is currently assigned to the Army Air Forces Redistribution Station No. 4 at Santa Ana Army Air Base. Lieutenant Hall, a B-24 pilot with the Tenth Air Force in the Asiatic Theater, entered the service on July 29, 1943 and went overseas in May 1944. He wears the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, and the Asiatic Theater Ribbon with two Battle Stars.

Written by Harold (Diz) Kronenberg

Sid was an avid hunter, good hockey player, and operator of Hall's Liquor Store at the bottom of Plank Street Hill in Eau Claire. His son, Bob, was an outstanding basketball and baseball player in high school and had opportunities to play professional baseball. He was one of the purest basketball shooters I have ever seen.