Leslie (Skip) A. Halvorson

Parents Receive Card from Son in Jap Prison Camp
Private Leslie A. Halvorson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Halvorson, 726 Menomonie Street, who is a military prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippine Islands Prison Camp No. 4, writes that he is in good health. He entered the service in September 1941 and was stationed at the Philippines when occupied by the Japanese.

Jap Prisoner Sends Card Home
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Halverson, formerly of Eau Claire and now of Minneapolis, received a card from their son, Private Leslie A. Halverson, a Japanese prisoner of war. The card stated:

"Dear Folks: Have received several of your letters; also the box you sent. Please thank everyone who helped make up the box as I cannot thank them myself. Give my regards and congratulations to Tiny and Muggs and Sis and her husband. Tell all my friends and relatives hello for me. Signed Skip"

Since the card was sent, Private Halverson was transferred to Japan, his parents were informed.