Arthur G. Hanson

Arthur Hanson Recovers from War Injuries
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Hanson of 816 Cameron Street have received word from their son, Arthur Hanson, who was reported injured, in a government communication received last November. Private Hanson writes that he was wounded at Guadalcanal but was given excellent care and was completely recovered within a few weeks and since has gained 25 pounds. He was unable to say where he is now stationed but said he had enjoyed a five-week furlough after his recovery. He said that letters had meant so much to him during his illness and that he received 23 V-mail letters and Christmas gifts and cards.

Wounded in Action in South Pacific Area Second Time
Corporal Arthur G. Hanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Hanson, 816 Cameron Street, was wounded in action in the South Pacific area in July, according to a telegram from the War Department.

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Sgt. A. G. Hanson Is Wounded Again in Pacific Zone
Sergeant Arthur G. Hanson of the Marine Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Hanson, 816 Cameron Street, has been at a hospital in the Mariana Islands after being wounded for the third time. He received his wounds at Okinawa.

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