Robert N. Hanson

Robert Hanson to Be Key Man on Submarine
Robert N. Hanson, 22, Motor Machinist's Mate, Second Class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hanson of 529 Fountain Street, has reported to the U.S. Submarine Base, New London, CT, after completing several war patrols aboard United States submarines in the Pacific.

Hanson's wife, Marilyn, is the daughter of Mr. and  Mrs. John Hoepner of 22 Maple Street, Chippewa Falls.

Graduating from  Eau Claire Senior High School, where he was active in the glee club and choir, Hanson enlisted in the Navy in May 1940. He served on a battleship, before volunteering for submarine duty in 1941. He has received two commendations for excellence in performance of duty and is authorized to wear the Submarine Combat Pin with  three stars, which indicates the important amount of Japanese shipping his submarines have destroyed.  

Now here, awaiting assignment to a new submarine, Hanson will be a key man in the crew because of his battle experience.

Back Home After Historic Cruise in American Sub
After more than two and one-half years absence with Uncle Sam's fleet, Robert Hanson, son of Henry Hanson, formerly of the town of Wheaton and now of Milwaukee, is back on furlough, visiting relatives and friends in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.

Hanson, with his brother, Howard, was serving on the Submarine Seawolf  based in Manila Harbor, Philippine Islands, when the Japs struck without warning. The next three months were history-making for American submarines and crews. 

Last summer, the Navy Department announced that the Seawolf, which slipped out of Manila Bay when the war started, cruised for months in waters infested with Jap naval ships and was officially credited with sinking 38 Jap ships, including cruisers and transports. 

In their clashes with enemy ships, a couple of times, it looked like the Japs would win, Robert said. 

Robert enlisted in May 1940.

His brother, Howard, is now at San Diego. He expects to get a furlough soon and also plans to visit here. Another brother, Walter, is also the Navy, being located in New Orleans at present.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hanson, town of Wheaton, have received word from the Navy Department that Mrs. Hanson's son, Carl Trojan, 28, is missing in action.

Trojan enlisted in the Navy in 1941 and has been in submarine duty since shortly after receiving boot training. For some time, he was on a submarine in the Atlantic but, for several months, has been on duty in the Pacific.

At last reports received by his relatives here, the submarine he was on was cruising in water near China and Japan.

Mr. Hanson has two sons, Robert and Howard, on submarine duty, and another son who is an Aviation Machinist's Mate in the Navy and serving in the Atlantic. Robert and Howard have both seen considerable service in the Pacific.

Carl Albert Trojan, Torpedoman Second Class, U.S. Navy, reported missing in action by the Navy Department in January, has now been reported by the Navy Department as officially lost at sea.

He is the son of Mrs. Henry Hanson, former resident of the town of Wheaton and now residing at 131 East Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg, PA.

Trojan, who enlisted in the Navy on March 31, 1941 and had been on submarine duty since shortly after receiving his boot training, was aboard the U.S. submarine Corcina, which has been officially announced as lost.

When the war started, Trojan was on submarine duty in the Atlantic but later was shifted to the Pacific Theater. He had cruised in waters near China and Japan and was a veteran of numerous encounters with the enemy.

He was a resident of Eau Claire for many years and attended Second Congregational Church. Two years ago, he married Alda Rose Tarolette of Greensberg, PA and they have an infant son, born April 9, 1944.

Trojan has two stepbrothers, Robert and Howard Hanson on submarine duty, and another, Wallace Hanson, who is an Aviation Machinist's Mate in the Navy.