Robert W. Hanson

Tail Ginner Gets Air Medal Award
AN EIGHTH AIR FORCE BOMBER STATION, England—Sergeant Robert W. Hanson, 22, whose wife, Mrs. Doris Hanson, lives at 24 West Columbia Street, Chippewa Falls, has won the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement, coolness, courage, and skill" in aerial warfare. Sergeant Hanson is tail gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress, participating in Eighth Air Force bombing attacks on targets in Nazi Germany.

He is a member of the 34th Bomb Group, a unit of the Third Air Division, the division cited by the President for its now historic England-Africa shuttle, bombing Messerschmitt aircraft plants at Regensburg, Germany.

Sergeant Hanson's father, Halthan B. Hanson, lives in La Crosse. His mother, Mrs. Alice L. Hanson, lives at Dearborn, MI. 

A 1938 graduate of Eau Claire High School, the Sergeant was employed as an aircraft riveter by the Hudson Motor Company, Detroit, MI, before entering the Army Air Forces in August 1943.

Sergeant Robert W. Hanson, 22, who graduated from Eau Claire High School in 1938 and whose wife, Mrs. Doris Hanson, resides at 24 West Columbia Street, Chippewa Falls, has been awarded a third Oak Leaf Cluster to his Air Medal for operations as tail gunner of an Eighth Air Force Flying Fortress in attacks on Nazi targets.