Glenn V. Harper

Gets Oak Cluster to Air Medal for Invasion of France
A U.S. TROOP CARRIER BASE, EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS—Flight Officer Glenn V. Harper, son of Mrs. G.C. Harper, Ninth Ward School, Eau Claire, was recently awarded the Oak Leaf Cluster to his Air Medal for meritorious achievement while participating in an aerial flight in the airborne invasion of Holland. 

Flight Officer Harper, a glider pilot in the 316th Troop Carrier Group, on this operation, the greatest of its kind in military history, piloted his glider through a heavy concentration of enemy ground fire and safely landed his troops and equipment at the designated objective behind the enemy lines. He spent a week in the front lines, before being evacuated to the rear and returned to his unit.

Flight Officer Harper, overseas since March 1944, won his Air Medal for the gilder flight he made in the invasion of southern France. He also wears the Army Distinguished Unit Badge, with Oak Leaf Cluster, his unit being twice cited for outstanding performance of duty against the enemy.

A graduate of Eau Claire High School, Flight Officer Harper was employed by the Gillette Rubber Company, prior to entering the Air Corps in March 1942.