Armsby Tod Hart

A. T. Hart, Air Force, Promoted
Word has been received here that Armsby Tod Hart, son of Dr. Ruth Wahl Hart, now serving with the Surgeon General in Washington, DC, and grandson of Mrs. Clara A. Wahl, 407 Babcock Street, with whom he made his home while attending high school here, has been  promoted from First Lieutenant to the rank of Captain.

Captain Hart, who is, at present, stationed at Columbia, SC, was graduated from the Southeast Advanced Twin-Engine Flying School at Turner Field, Albany, Georgia, where he received his diploma and silver wings in the U. S. Army Air Forces on February 16, 1943.  

He had been an instructor in aviation and Acting Flight Commander in a bomb squadron. With his promotion January 19, he officially became Flight Commander.

After his graduation from the senior high school here in 1937, Wahl entered the University of Illinois. He took a four-year course in architecture, with military training throughout the four years.

After being commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps in June 1941, he was called into active service. He completed a three-month course at the Quartermaster School in Philadelphia and was assigned to the New York District  Engineer Office in New York City. In May 1942, he was accepted by the Air Corps to take the pilot training course in the officer grade. In June 1942, he was promoted to First Lieutenant.

In the story carried in this paper on the promotion of Lieutenant Armsby Tod Hart, U. S. Army Air Forces to Captain, it was incorrectly stated that his mother, Dr. Ruth Wahl, was serving with the Surgeon General at Washington, DC. She is now in Honolulu, Private Secretary to Judge Metzger, Judge of the U. S. District Court. In another part of the story, Hart was referred to as Wahl.