Lyle F. Hasse

Cpl. Lyle Hasse Engineer Gunner, at Bombing School
Corporal Lyle F. Hasse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hasse, has been home on a 15-day furlough, visiting his parents and relatives. He came here from the Pueblo Air Base, Pueblo, CO and returned to Brunning, Nebraska Higher Altitude Bombing School.

Corporal Hasse is an Engineer Gunner in an Army Air Corps Anti-Submarine Squadron and recently returned from overseas. 

His squadron has been functioning for a long time as an anti-submarine coastal defense unit on the Atlantic seaboard. Their operations began in New Hampshire and continued to the West Indies, South America, and the coast of Africa.

Before returning to Nebraska, Corporal Hasse visited his brother, Carl, and sister, Fern, at Milwaukee.