Janet C. Hatch

Eau Claire Girl Training in WAF
Janet C. Hatch, 24, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Hatch, Oak Park Dairy, is now training with the Women's Auxiliary Ferry Squadron at Sweetwater, TX.

Miss Hatch is the first Eau Claire girl to enter the Army Air Forces Contract Flying School for women at Avenger Field. 

Miss Hatch had her private pilot's license before she enlisted. At that time, enlistees had to have 200 flying hours, but the requirement has been cut to 35 hours. She began training in the WAFS on July 5, last. 

She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where she majored in physical education. Miss Hatch is the leader of a section of her class at Sweetwater. She has finished primary and is now in basic training. 

WAFs spend long hours following strict regulations and discipline in the air, in ground school, and in physical training courses to prepare them to release pilots for combat duty by ferrying military planes from the assembly line to the flying field. 

Requirements for enlistment in the WAFS are a high school education, age 21 to 34, passing a strict Army Air Force physical examination, and a personal interview. The girls at Avenger Field are under Army regulations but are rated as civilians. This will be changed in the near future, when they will be taken into the Army and will then be called the Women's Army Ferry Squadron.  

After receiving their silver wings at graduation exercises in December, the girls will be assigned to one of four ferry bases. Ten of the entire group will be assigned to specialized work.

Miss Janet Hatch, who has just received her "wings" in the WAFs, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Hatch of the Oak Park Dairy. She has been assigned to duty at the Army Air Base at Tucson, AZ.

WASP Janet Hatch, daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Clinton Hatch of this city, has recently been transferred to the Las Vegas Army Air Field for training on advanced type aircraft. In the WASP advanced training school, Miss Hatch is flying the TB-26, or modified version of the B-26. The ground school and flight course covers a four-week period. The second phase of  her training course will be at March Field, CA, where she will fly advanced type single-engine and twin-engine Army aircraft. After completing this training, she will be assigned to the Second Air Force. 

Since January 1, 1943, Miss Hatch was stationed at Marana Army Air Field, a basic pilot school at Tucson, AZ, where she trained aviation students to be instrument pilots. There, she flew the Vultee-13 basic trainer and the advanced training, North American AT-6. She was Squadron Commander of all WASPs at Marana Army Air Field. 

Previously, she attended the WASP Training School at AAFTAC, Orlando, FL. In May, she was graduated from the Army Air Forces Central Instructors School at Randolph Field, Texas. 

Her total time is now 800 hours, in two years of flying.