Laverne (Jim) C. Haugen

Reported Wounded on Holland Front
Private LaVerne C. Haugen, son of Mrs. Elise Haugen, 916 East Madison Street, was slightly wounded in action in Holland on September 16, according to word received by his wife, the former Barbara Roach, who resides at 233 Ferry Street, this city.

4 Eau Claire Men in England
Lieutenant G. Donald Barnes, USNR, on leave of absence as Mayor of Eau Claire, is now in England, serving with a Naval Amphibious Force. Recently, he met three other Eau Claire men in England, and the above picture was taken when they got together for a visit.

From left to right are Private First Class LaVerne (Jim) Haugen, son of Mrs. Elsie Haugen; Corporal Gordon Campbell, Assistant to City Assessor here, at the time he entered service, son of Mrs. William Campbell; Lieutenant G. Donald Barnes; Private John McRae, who resided at 416 Emery Street and worked for the U.S. Rubber Company here.

Lieutenant Barnes writes that there are now many Eau Claire men in England and that, recently, Lieutenant Commander R. J. Lewis of Eau Claire suggested holding an "Eau Claire Day" there; however, such a reunion will probably have to await more peaceful times.

Corporal LaVerne C. Haugen, Army Corps, Second Armored Division, now in Germany, has received the Purple Heart, according to word received by his wife, Mrs. Barbara Roach Haugen. Corporal Haugen was wounded in Holland and was hospitalized for some time, but is now back in action with his unit. He was wounded on September 16. His mother, Mrs. Elise Haugen lives at 916 East Madison Street.