George E. Heideman

Private George E. Heideman, Signal Corps Battalion, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Heideman, 315 Whipple Street, has arrived in England, according to word received by his parents.

He entered the service on December 26, 1942 and received his training at Camp Crowder and maneuvers at Camp Young, CA. 

His wife resides at Route 4, Chippewa Falls.

Resumes Service After Receiving Wounds by Nazis
Private First Class George Heideman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Heideman, 315 Whipple Street, had an uncomfortable encounter with the Germans in the early part of April, according to a dispatch from the XII Corps Headquarters, somewhere in Germany.

Private First Class Heideman and two members of his Signal Battalion, while on a routine mission, were captured in the early morning darkness by a German force, which was pocketed behind the Corps' front lines. 

Although greatly outnumbered, the Signalmen resisted strongly in a close quarters encounter. Private First Class Heideman killed or wounded two Germans and, in turn, was wounded himself, before he was taken prisoner.

The Wisconsin man was taken off with the main part of the Nazi  convoy.

About an hour later, American machine gun fire forced the Germans to abandon the larger vehicles and take off cross country.  The force split with the intention of making a surprise attack. Private First Class Heideman, left behind with two newly-captured GIs, eluded the Germans and got to a town before the attack. The warning resulted in the complete annihilation of the enemy forces.

The wounds of Private First Class Heideman have healed and he is back on full duty with his Signal Battalion.

His wife, Mrs. Farme Heideman, resides at Route 4, Chippewa Falls.