Lamoine E. Heiman

Private First Class Lamoine E. Heiman, son of Mrs. Edward Coffin, has arrived in England.

Lamoine E. Heiman, son of Mrs. Edward Coffin, 407 Fifth Street, has been promoted from Private First Class to Sergeant. He is serving in France.

Mrs. Edward Coffin, 407 Fifth Street, has received word that her son, Sergeant Lamoine E. Heiman, has been promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Mrs. Edward Coffin, 407 Fifth Street, received word that her son, Staff Sergeant Lamoine E. Heiman, has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in connection with military operations against the enemy in France. He is with Lieutenant General George S. Patton's Third Army.

City Soldier in Battle for Town on German Border
Technical Sergeant Lamoine E. Heiman, son of Mrs. Edward H. Coffin, 407 Fifth Street, took an active part when the Infantrymen of the 35th Division wrested the town of Uberkinger from under the noses of German armor, according to Robert Cromie, Special Correspondent for the Chicago Tribune.

During the battle, a combat patrol led by Technical Sergeant Heiman discovered a wrecked bridge could be crossed on its remaining girder, which was two feet under the icy water.

Poles were laid across the 30-foot stream before dawn and the crossing was completed.

The writer said that, when the "melee ended, the street was littered with German dead, lying beside a half-track and burning tank, about a half block apart. Somewhere during the rumpus, a German staff car also was shot up and captured."

Technical Sergeant Heiman is with the Third Army, fighting on the German border.

Sergeant Lamoine E. Heiman, son of Mrs. Edward Coffin, 407 Fifth Street, was wounded in action by machine gun fire in France, according to word received here. He received the Purple Heart.

Service Merits Bronze Star in European Area
WITH THE 35TH INFANTRY DIVISION "SOMEWHERE NEAR GERMANY"--Sergeant Lamoine E. Heiman, fighting in France with the 320th Infantry Regiment, has been awarded the Bronze Star for his meritorious service in action against the enemy during the period July 25 to September 30, 1944.

Sergeant Heiman, 22, was a grocery clerk before entering the Army in January 1943. In addition to the Bronze Star, he has been awarded the Purple Heart and the Expert and Combat Infantryman Badges. He is entitled to wear the EAMET Ribbon and Battle Star. He was promoted to Sergeant in August of this year.

Serving with marked distinction in nearly all the hard-fought battles in which the 320th has been engaged--Saint Lo, Torigny, and Mortain, Chateaudun.

His mother, Mrs. Mary Heiman, lives at 407 Fifth Street.

Lamoine Heiman Gets Commission on Battlefield
Lamoine E. Heiman has received a battlefield promotion from Technical Sergeant to Second Lieutenant on the western front in Europe, according to word received by his mother, Mrs. E. Coffin, 407 Fifth Street.

Lieutenant Heiman took part in the Normandy Campaign and was wounded in action in France last August 12. He received the Purple Heart and also was awarded the Bronze Star and Silver Star for exceptionally meritorious service.

He is now with General Patton's Third Army.

Lieutenant Heiman has been overseas since May 1944. This was his fourth promotion in four months.

Lt. L. E. Heiman Again Wounded
Second Lieutenant Lamoine E. Heiman, son of Mrs. Ed Coffin, 407 Fifth Street, has been wounded in action for the second time on the western front. The latest wound occurred on January 9 in Belgium and he is now back in France at a United States hospital.

Lieutenant Heiman is serving with an Infantry division in General Patton's Third Army.

Lt. L. E. Heiman, Wounded Third Time, Gets Silver Star for Patrol Mission
Second Lieutenant Lamoine E. Heiman, son of Mrs. Mary Coffin, 407 Fifth Street, has been slightly wounded in action on the Western front for the third time in the past eight months and is now in a hospital in Belgium.

Lieutenant Heiman, who won his commission as Lieutenant on the battlefield, has been awarded both the Bronze Star and Silver Star for meritorious action and now has the Purple Heart with two Oak Leaf Clusters.

Lieutennat Heiman won his Silver Star in France on November 24, 1944, while then a Technical Sergeant with an Infantry regiment. The citation follows:

"Lieutenant Heiman volunteered as leader of a four-man patrol which was to reconnoiter the approaches  to the town of  ****  in preparation for an attack the following morning, determine where a stream on the  outskirts of the town could be crossed, and learn the disposition of  enemy troops and material.

"The mission was undertaken during a driving rain and complete darkness and had to be accomplished during the few hours of the night when no friendly artillery was to be directed against the town.

"Upon reaching the deep and swiftly moving stream, Sergeant Heiman discovered a bridge which had been demolished, so that only a twisted steel beam, two feet under water, spanned the stream. Sergeant Heiman traversed this beam, helped  his comrades to cross the water by the same route and, upon reaching the far bank, continued into enemy territory, where he found enemy tanks which had been dug-in and other hostile vehicles and troops.

"Carefully bypassing the German positions, the patrol entered the town and took up listening posts within 15 to 25 yards of enemy vehicles and soldiers moving about in the streets. Just before our artillery commenced its fire, Lieutenant Heiman and his men left the town, retraced their steps while subjected to enemy shelling, and informed their company commanders of their findings.

"Under Lieutenant Heiman's guidance, the company then proceeded to the town, deployed in various buildings and, on the following day, succeeded in beating off determined enemy attacks and inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy without the loss of a single man. 

"The aggressive leadership and resourcefulness of Lieutenant Heiman were an invaluable contribution to the success of his unit's mission and honor his character and training as a soldier. Heiman entered military service from Wisconsin."