Ingwald H. Hendrickson

Ingwald Hendrickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Hendrickson, 1622 Summit Street, has been promoted from Corporal to Sergeant, it is announced from somewhere in England. He was employed by the county highway department prior to the war.

Receives Air Medal Award
Sergeant Ingwald H. Hendrickson (standing on extreme right) of 914 Menomonie Street poses with other combat crew members after receiving the award of the Air Medal at ceremonies at a Ninth Troop Carrier Command Base somewhere in the European Theater of Operations.
A 9TH TROOP CARRIER COMMAND BASE, European Theater of Operations—Ingwald H. Hendrickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hendrickson of 914 Menomonie Street, Eau  Claire, WI, has advanced from Corporal to Sergeant at this IX Troop Carrier Command Base in the European Theater of Operations.  

He was recently awarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement," while participating in aerial flights over France during the first days of the great Allied invasion. He was credited with "displaying skill, courage and devotion to duty in the operation of unarmed, unarmored aircraft at minimum altitudes and airspeeds in favorable weather and into the face of vigorous enemy opposition with no possibility of employing evasive action." 

Sergeant Hendrickson, a radio operator, entered the service in January 1942. After induction and preliminary training, he was sent to Army Air Forces Radio School at Schott Field, IL. Upon completion of this course, he was assigned to the Troop Carrier Command and left for foreign service in the fall of 1942.

IX Troop Carrier Command, to which his unit is assigned, is part of the First Allied Airborne Army and is commanded by Major General Paul L. Williams. Troop carrier units have been active since the start of the war in glider and paratroop operations, in air evacuation, and in aerial supply of frontline troops.

Staff Sergeant Ingwald Hendrickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hendrickson, 914 Menomonie Street, was awarded an Air Medal for meritorious services performed over France on D-Day. He was recently promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Staff Sergeant Hendrickson enlisted in January 1942 and went to England in January 1943, serving as a radio operator in the Army Air Forces.

His brother, Private First Class Norman Hendrickson, is in England with an Army Ordnance Group, going there in January 1944.