Roy M. Hendrickson

Corporal Roy M. Hendrickson, son of Mrs. John F. Salter, Bellevue Avenue, has arrived somewhere in Italy, according to word received by his mother.

He enlisted in the Army Air Corps in December 1942. Corporal Hendrickson has been stationed at Miami Beach, FL; Sioux Falls, SD; Truax Field, Madison; and Langley Field, VA.

A radio mechanic with the communications section of an Italy-based Liberator bombardment group, Corporal Roy M. Hendrickson, formerly of 1201 Bellevue Avenue, Eau Claire, WI, was recently authorized to wear the Distinguished Unit Badge when his veteran group was cited "for outstanding performance of duty in armed conflict with the enemy." He is with the 15th Army Air Force.

Refinery Smash by Bomber Group Wins Unit Award
15TH AAF IN ITALY—A radio mechanic with the veteran 455th Bombardment Group, Sergeant Roy M. Hendrickson, 1201 Bellevue Avenue, was recently authorized to wear the first Bronze Oak Cluster to the Distinguished Unit Badge when his group was cited "for outstanding performance of duty in armed conflict with the enemy."

Commanded by Colonel William L. Snowden, 43, of Denver, CO, the group officially received its second citation when Brigadier General William D. Hall, Deputy Commanding General of the 15th Air Force, pinned the blue battle streamer to its standard in a recent ceremony. 

Led by Lieutenant Colonel David S. Thayer, Houston, Texas and Lieutenant Colonel Hugh R. Graff, Toledo, Ohio, 38 Liberators took off on June 26, 1944 to lead their wing on a mission against the vital and heavily defended oil refinery at Moosebierbaum, Austria. 

En route to the target, the group was intercepted by 20 twin-engine fighters, which were promptly engaged by  the escort. Without fighter protection, the group was then subjected to suicidal, head-on attacks by a force of 60 twin-engine fighters and another force of 60 single-engine fighters, which raked the formation with machine gun, cannon, and rocket fire.

Heedless of the fierce opposition and its own rapidly dwindling numbers, the group held its formation, while battling over the target to drop a devastating pattern on the vital installations below. During the [**data missing**]