Rupert Henneman

Original Company B Men at New Guinea
Bottom row: (left to right) Private First Class Gerald Westberg, Eau Claire; Technical Sergeant Pete Edington, Cumberland; Staff Sergeant Clifford Rude, Eau Claire; Staff Sergeant Ray Bailey, Eau Claire; Private First Class William Heiman, Eau Claire.
Top row: Staff Sergeant Roy Campbell, Eau Claire; Private First Class Francis Nutter, Augusta; Staff Sergeant Thomas Findley, Chippewa Falls; Technical Sergeant Cornelius Verdon, Eau Claire; Private First Class Raymond Fosberg, Eau Claire; Staff Sergeant Rupert L. Henneman, Eau Claire.

Eleven of the original members of Eau Claire's Company B, 128th Infantry are still serving with the unit in New Guinea.

Others that started service with the group are furloughed home, have been casualties, or were transferred to other units.

Company B was mobilized on October 15, 1940 and left for Camp Beauregard, LA on October 22, 1940.

The men pictured here have taken part in every action in which the company has fought. Some of them have been wounded once, twice and one of them three times.

The photograph was taken after a battle near Itape, New Guinea on September 3, last.

Before going to New Guinea, they were stationed at Australia and also fought at Buna.

Eau Claire Man Slays Two Japs as Buna Sniper
SOMEWHERE IN NEW GUINEA, December 21 (Delayed)  (UP)--Sergeant Rupert Henneman of Eau Claire, WI, a former utility company lineman, climbed a palm tree and killed two Japanese in his first effort as a sniper, it was disclosed today.

Henneman thought he could do a better job of climbing than his men, so he went up the tree for mortar fire observation.

"When the firing was over, three Japs came out of a pill box," he said. "I fired three shots with my M-1 (Garaned rifle) and got two of them. The third got away but I think I winged him."

Writes of Being Wounded on Leyte
Staff Sergeant Rupert L. Henneman, who has been fighting in the Philippines, recently wrote a letter to his wife, Florence, who is now working at Nash Motors in Kenosha, inspecting airplane motors.

Excerpts from the letter about life on Leyte follows:

"Well, at last, I am able to write because I'm in a hospital. Wounded twice. The second one put me here. But don't do any worrying because I'll be all right in a very short time. I'll write and tell you more later.

"If this writing looks funny, it's because I'm on my cot and using the bottom of a mess kit for a table and it doesn't work any too good. I'm writing this with a very good Tokyo pen that I 'acquired.'

"The Filipinos are very nice and sure glad to be out of the hands of the Japs. They have a lot of stories to tell us.

"How are the children? Tell everybody 'hello' and 'Merry Christmas.'"

Staff Sergeant Rupert Henneman, who left Eau Claire with the National Guard Company and has been serving in the Pacific Theater for more than three years, has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in battle, according to word received by his wife, now residing in Kenosha. He was wounded in the leg and arm and is at a hospital in the Netherland's East Indies.

Rupert Henneman Wins Bronze Star
WITH THE 32ND INFANTRY DIVISION IN NORTHERN LUZON, P. I.A Wisconsin World War II veteran, who since April 1942 has been in combat against the enemy in the SWP, serving with the Badger State's veteran 32nd (Red Arrow) Infantry Division has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement. He is Staff Sergeant Rupert L. Henneman, husband of Mrs. R. L. Henneman, 716 1/2 Whipple Street. 

A section leader in the 32nd's crack 128th Infantry Regiment, Sergeant Henneman, during a Jap banzai attack on a supply dump, organized and led a train of ammunition carriers to the besieged forces of his unit. He was forced to take the one available route which was being swept by hostile automatic weapon fire. The needed ammunition was instrumental in the successful repelling of the attack.

Sergeant Henneman has fought in New Guinea and on Leyte and Luzon in the Philippines. He is entitled to wear the Distinguished Unit Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge, Philippine Liberation Medal, and Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon with four Bronze Stars.