David E. Hennig

Two from City Enlist in Navy
A group of young men destined for enlistment in the United States Navy left Chippewa Falls for Milwaukee Monday. The group included three youths from the Eau Claire area, David E. Hennig of Fall Creek; Duttee Holmes, Jr., 830 Main Street, Eau Claire; and John K. Hall, 414 1/2 Water Street, Eau Claire. After passing the physical examination in Milwaukee, these young men will become part of the ever-expanding United States Navy.

The Chippewa Falls Recruiting Office said there is still a great need for young men 17 years of age who qualify for enlistment in the Navy, as well as for young women between the ages of 20 and 36 for the Women's Reserve (WAVEs) of the United States Navy.

A Navy recruiter is in Eau Claire at the Post Office Building every Thursday and Saturday, and information about enlistment in the Navy may be obtained on those days. The Chippewa Falls office is open every day of the week except Sunday and is also located in the Post Office Building.