Jack Herberg

Son of Former Eau Claire Couple Home from Burma
One of the young American airmen who have been flying 100-octane gas over the "hump" in the China-Burma Theater is Lieutenant Jack Herberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Herberg, formerly of this city, now of Appleton. Mrs. Herberg was formerly Violetta Zimmer. Milton Herberg played in an orchestra here. They lived here for several years after their marriage and their son was born here. 

Lieutenant Herberg, who is now spending a leave at the home of his parents after serving for almost 11 months overseas, flew over the Himalayas 138 times as a transport pilot, carrying supplies to American air bases in China. He was first a co-pilot; later pilot on a C-87, described as the cargo version of a B-24 Liberator. His adventures were the subject of a recent article in an Appleton newspaper. They included a crash landing on a field in China, a spin that almost ended in disaster on a mountain top, and tiger hunting near the Tibet border.

On his way home, Lieutenant Herberg flew from India to Casablanca in a twin-engine C-46 and came the rest of the way by water. He wears the Distinguished Cross and the Air Medal. He has been in the service about three years and received his commission and wings at Eagle Pass, Texas.