Garen P. Heuer

T/5 Rex Heuer Sees Jap Planes Fall in Flames
WITH THE FIRST CAVALRY ON LEYTE—After nineteen months overseas and many campaigns to his credit, Technician Fifth Grade Rex A. Heuer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heuer, 415 Washington Street, Eau Claire, WI, finally had the thrill of seeing so many Japanese planes being shot down in flames that he couldn't look everywhere fast enough to see them all. A member of the crew on a landing barge, he is taking part in the invasion of the Philippines with the First Cavalry Division.

"We were in a small harbor in Leyte," said Heuer, "waiting to take on some troops from the First Cavalry Division before embarking on a scouting mission along the coastline of Leyte. Suddenly, a group of Japanese "Bettys" appeared above the harbor, evidently planning to  bomb the shipping anchored there.  I never saw so much ack-ack in the air before. Then, a bunch of  Navy planes appeared to take part  in the fun and, between the planes and the fire from the ground, the  "Bettys'' began to burst into flames so fast that I couldn't see them all  before they fell to the ground. It  certainly was a satisfaction to see them take such a beating."  

Heuer, who has been in the service since April 1942, received his basic training at Camp Robinson,  Arkansas and then went to Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, where he  joined his present outfit, coming overseas with them early in 1943. 

Before coming in the Army, he attended the Eau Claire High School, where he was a member of the football and basketball teams. He was then employed in the advertising department of the Eau Claire Leader and Telegram. A brother, Garen P. Heuer, is in the Army, stationed somewhere in India.