Douglas C. Hoehn

Lieutenant Douglas Hoehn has returned to duty as instructor at the bombardier school at Dalhart, TX, after spending a 15-day leave with his mother, Mrs. Grace Hoehn, of this city, and with relatives in Milwaukee.

Douglas Hoehn Is Now Captain
GULFPORT ARMY AIR FIELD, MS--It was announced today by the Commanding Officer of this Heavy Bombardment Training Station that First Lieutenant Douglas C. Hoehn has been promoted to the rank of Captain.

Captain Hoehn, son of Mrs. Grace L. Hoehn, 1114 1/2 Sixth Avenue, has been commissioned since September of 1942. He is now the Staff Bombardier of the vast training program being carried out at this four-engine bombing school.

Before his enlistment, Captain Hoehn was a student at Eau Claire State Teachers College and, later, affiliated with the L. G. Arnold Corporation. Captain Hoehn is a veteran of combat missions over Germany as a member of the Eighth Air Force.