Willard C. Hoeppner

JOIN NAVY TOGETHER-- MILES APART-- With telephone aid, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hoeppner of Eau Claire, WI joined the Navy together. 

Hoeppner (left) took his oath from Lieutenant Commander Gerald Ellick in Milwaukee, and his wife took hers from Lieutenant Commander P. J. McNurlen in Minneapolis. (NEA Telephoto)

MILWAUKEE, January 21 (AP) Willard Hoeppner , 31, and his wife, Carmen, 26, of Eau Claire, WI were sworn into the Navy at the same time Tuesday but they were 300 miles apart.

Willard was administered the oath in Milwaukee by Lieutenant Commander Gerald C. Ellick and became a Radio Technician, First Class. Carmen took her oath at Minneapolis and became a WAVE.

The Minneapolis Office of Naval Officer Procurement has jurisdiction over Eau Claire for WAVEs and the Milwaukee Office Naval Recruiting Service has jurisdiction for men of that city, so the ceremonies had to be held in both cities. 

A long distance telephone hookup enabled the couple to hear each other being sworn in.