S. O. Holden

Lieutenant S. O. Holden, formerly of Eleva, is stationed in France, probably in the Paris area, as he has written to Whitehall relatives, describing that city in detail. He is a supply officer and writes that his food is not only good but plentiful. 

Lieutenant Holden was graduated from Engineers Officers' Candidate School at Fort Belvoir on April 28, 1943, receiving his commission. After graduation, he was given two weeks training in heavy equipment. 

On a seven-day leave, May 18, last, he married Thora Hjemboe, daughter of the Reverend and Mrs. O. A. Hjemboe of Strum, who is a registered nurse at St. Olaf Hospital, Northfield, MN.

On May 27, 1943, he reported for duty at March Field, CA, where he was stationed 51 months. During this time, he was teaching camouflage. He first took an 8-week course at Fort Custer near Battle Creek, MI to train for his present work. When this was completed, he was sent on to Northwestern University. He went overseas last March. He was stationed in England for about five months.

Previous to his induction into the service on July 2, 1943, he taught in the high schools at Plainfield and  Cumberland, WI.