Carl William Holzinger

Eau Claire Soldier Gets Used to London's Traffic Problems
A NINTH AIR FORCE SERVICE COMMAND STATION, ENGLAND óDriving on the left side of the road, referring to a traffic cop as a bobby, and calling a traffic circle a round-about are but a few of the problems facing Private First Class Alfred A. Holzinger of 1631 Woodland Avenue, Eau Claire, heavy duty truck driver at this air craft assembly depot of the Ninth Air Force Service Command in England. 

"At first, driving on the left-hand side seemed like a bad dream," said Private Holzinger, "but now that I'm used to it, I don't mind it at all. One advantage is that it is much easier to judge your distance from the curb, and drivers leave the center lane clear."

Drivers at the base motor pool, using everything from tiny jeeps to mammoth trailers, are charged with keeping the vital supply and communication lines open. No matter what the weather or time of day or night, no matter whether it is an envelope to be delivered to some obscure village in totally unfamiliar territory or a fleet of planes, whose wing span requires that the route be closed to all other traffic, the drivers must, and do, get through on schedule.

They are becoming well-acquainted with England's version of automobile jargon. A battery is an accumulator. A fender is a wing or mudguard. Gasoline is referred to as petrol, a generator is a dynamo, an engine hood is a bonnet, a windshield is a windscreen, and a truck is a lorry

As part of the Ninth Air Force Service Command's job to get thousands of planes into the air against the Axis, the latest fighter planes, shipped from the United States in a partially dismantled state, are reassembled here. This base is a vital cog in the vast machine which is blasting the Luftwaffe out of the sky.

Private Holzinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holzinger of 743 Hobart Street, Eau Claire, entered service on October 17, 1942. He was married to Betty Jean Yule of' Eau Claire on September 27, 1942.  Prior to donning the uniform, he was employed for a year and a half as a truck driver and machine operator by the United States Rubber Company. He is a graduate of Eau Claire High School. Prior to leaving for overseas service, he was stationed at the Army Air Base, Santa Maria, CA. 

A brother, Carl William Holzinger, was recently inducted into the Army. Robert F. Yule, Jr., a brother-in-law, is an aviation cadet at Keesler Field, MS.