Allen J. Hoyt

Gets Citation for Gallantry in Savo Battle
TUCSON, AZ  August 28 (AP)— Seaman Second Class Allen Hoyt of Eau Claire will be presented the Presidential Unit Citation—newest award for gallantry in action—at ceremonies today at the University of Arizona.

Hoyt, ship's member of the Naval Reserve Officers Indoctrination School here, will receive his award from Captain W. E. Cheadle, School Commandant, for participation in the third battle of Savo Island last year aboard the light cruiser Atlanta. The citation was bestowed on the ship and her entire complement.

Hoyt enlisted April 10, 1940 and was hospitalized for 10 months after the Atlanta was sunk. He reported to the indoctrination school July 29. 

He is a veteran of the battles of Midway, the Coral Sea, and the Solomon Island Campaign.

Allen Hoyt Has Seen Action in 11 Naval Battles
Allen J. Hoyt, United States Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hoyt of this city, who has been visiting here for the past three weeks on sick leave, has returned to the naval hospital at Corona, CA to undergo an operation as a result of wounds received in action in the Pacific area.

Hoyt was wounded in the battle of the Solomon Islands on November 13, when the battleship Atlanta, on which he was serving, was sunk. Admiral Scott was killed at that time. Lieutenant Oliver M. Ramsey of Fairchild, WI, with whom Hoyt had been standing on the bridge a few minutes before a shell struck, was killed at that time. Hoyt was thrown into the water and was one of the men who survived. He was in the water about eleven hours before the Marines arrived and picked up the survivors. Hoyt suffered from shell concussion. He was taken to Guadalcanal for first aid; then flown to the Hebrides Island for further treatment.

Later, he was in a hospital in New Zealand for five months. His mother, who had received word from the War Department when he was wounded, heard from him directly for the first time when a New Zealand girl wrote her a letter for him. He was transferred to the United States about a month ago.

Hoyt saw action in eleven major naval battles, including those of the Solomon Islands, Midway and Coral Seas. He has been decorated with the Order of the Purple Heart.

Hoyt enlisted in the Navy in Los Angeles in February 1940 when he was 20 years old. He received his training in San Diego. He was stationed in Iceland at the outbreak of the war.

A brother, Donald, entered the service in January of this year and is now stationed in the Coast Guard at Norfolk, VA.

New Guinea and Solomons
Two Eau Claire families were advised, Wednesday, that their sons had been wounded, one seriously, in the South Pacific areas, one in New Guinea fighting and the other somewhere in the Solomons. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Prueher, 132 Broadway, were notified by the War Department that their son, Lieutenant Arthur J. Prueher, who has been engaged in the New Guinea fighting ever since the American forces landed on that island, had been seriously wounded in action. No further details were given. 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hoyt, of this city, received a telegram from Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs that their son, Allen J. Hoyt, Seaman First Class, United States Navy, had been wounded in the Solomons Island area. No further details were given. 

Lieutenant Prueher left here with the National Guard Company in October 1940 and was among the first American troops to be landed in Australia following Pearl Harbor. 

A brother, Edward Prueher, is also with the American forces in New Guinea but on another front. He has been engaged in the campaign against the Japs in the Buna sector.

Hoyt enlisted in the Navy in 1940 and received his training at San Diego. Before being sent to the Pacific, he saw service in Iceland.