Donald Hoyt

Specialist Donald Hoyt, United States Coast Guard of Norfolk, VA and his fiancÚ, Miss Ellen Clemens, Des Moines, Iowa, visited his parents and other relatives and friends here this [**data missing**]

Donald Hoyt Sings at Officers Club in Norfolk, VA
Donald Hoyt, baritone, formerly of this city, now a Seaman First Class in the United States Coast Guard, stationed at district offices at Camp Allen, Norfolk, VA, was guest singer at the Navy League Commissioned Naval Officers Club in Norfolk, according to a newspaper clipping forwarded by Ensign Jerome Hendrickson, also of Eau Claire, who is now stationed there. 

Ensign Hendrickson wrote, "I see where Eau Claire is contributing talent for a program at one of Norfolk's finest officers' clubs. Being chosen to sing here is a signal honor for Hoyt.  I sincerely believe that Hoyt deserves any pat on the back that his friends may give him for his singing ability."

The clipping from the Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch, announcing Hoyt's appearance, stated, "The singer studied at Drake University, where he was on a four-year scholarship won in a national music contest. Prior to his enlistment, he had done extensive concert work in the Middle West."

Donald Hoyt is a graduate of the Eau Claire High School. He is well-known here as a singer. His most recent appearance in this city was as guest soloist with the Eau Claire Municipal Band in its final concert last summer, while he was home on  furlough. He also sang over station WEAU at that time.

In the Public Relations Department of the Coast Guard, he has been with a touring show, entertaining at Army, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard camps throughout the East.

Donald Hoyt, who was given a medical discharge from the Coast Guard, after spending several months in the Naval hospital at Portsmouth, VA, has been spending a short visit here. He left Thursday for Norfolk, VA to enter William and Mary's College there. He wants to major in music.

Allen Hoyt Has Seen Action in 11 Naval Battles
Allen J. Hoyt, United States Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hoyt of this city, who has been visiting here for the past three weeks on sick leave, has returned to the naval hospital at Corona, CA to undergo an operation as a result of wounds received in action in the Pacific area.

Hoyt was wounded in the battle of the Solomon Islands on November 13, when the battleship Atlanta, on which he was serving, was sunk. Admiral Scott was killed at that time. Lieutenant Oliver M. Ramsey of Fairchild, WI, with whom Hoyt had been standing on the bridge a few minutes before a shell struck, was killed at that time. Hoyt was thrown into the water and was one of the men who survived. He was in the water about eleven hours before the Marines arrived and picked up the survivors. Hoyt suffered from shell concussion. He was taken to Guadalcanal for first aid; then flown to the Hebrides Island for further treatment.

Later, he was in a hospital in New Zealand for five months. His mother, who had received word from the War Department when he was wounded, heard from him directly for the first time when a New Zealand girl wrote her a letter for him. He was transferred to the United States about a month ago.

Hoyt saw action in eleven major naval battles, including those of the Solomon Islands, Midway and Coral Seas. He has been decorated with the Order of the Purple Heart.

Hoyt enlisted in the Navy in Los Angeles in February 1940 when he was 20 years old. He received his training in San Diego. He was stationed in Iceland at the outbreak of the war.

A brother, Donald, entered the service in January of this year and is now stationed in the Coast Guard at Norfolk, VA.