Robert C. Hulback

Robert C. Hulback, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hulback, 1222 North Ninth Street, has joined the U.S. Navy and is stationed at Great Lakes for boot training.

Robert Hulback Trains for Tank Carrier Landing
Robert C. Hulback, Seaman Second Class, United States Naval Reserve, a resident of Eau Claire, is now  stationed at the Amphibious Training  Base in Little Creek, VA, where he is training for duty aboard a new LSM (Landing Ship, Medium).

LSMs are powerful, 208-foot tank carriers which can speed through the vast stretches of the Pacific and roll their war machines directly onto the enemy's shores.

Known as "the speed carriers of attack," the LSMs made their invasion debut at Leyte and are now disgorging their tanks and supplies on the Philippine beachheads to support General Macarthur's offensive drive.

Experts in the science of invasion, LSM crews are leaving the Little Creek base in a steady flow to swell the might of the amphibious forces. Hulback and his mates will soon take over one of the new landing ships and sail to join the Pacific onslaught.

Son of Mrs. Emil Hulback, 1222 North Ninth Street, Hulback joined the Navy last October. He is a former student of Eau Claire Senior High School.