Kenneth F. Hunt

Eau Claire Man Given Cluster to Air Medal
HEADQUARTERS, TWENTIETH BOMBER COMMAND, India (By Mail--AP)The award of decorations to a number of officers and men of the "Billy Mitchell" group, 20th Bomber Command, has been announced by headquarters of the pioneer B-29 Superfortress organization. 

The list of recipients and decorations included the following from Wisconsin:

  • First Lieutenant Robert Riley, Cylon, Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal
  • Staff Sergeant Eugene C. Hill, Racine, Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal
  • Staff Sergeant Kenneth F. Hunt, Eau Claire, Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal
  • Master Sergeant Willam Vanderlugt, Sheboygan, Bronze Star Medal
  • First Lieutenant Howard Bollerud, Route 1, Milton Junction, Air Medal

Wisconsin Men on Manchuria Raid
These two Wisconsin men, pictured here at an India base of the 20th Bomber Command, are crewmates aboard a B-29 Superfortress, which participated in the first raid of the mammoth bombers, recently, on vital Japanese industrial targets in Manchuria.. 

Staff Sergeant Kenneth F. Hunt (left) of Eau Claire is tail gunner on the bomber and First Lieutenant Robert Riley of Cylon is co-pilot. 

The Manchuria raid was described by the two men as being "just like a practice bombing run back in the States."

Anti-aircraft fire was meager, and the only enemy planes sighted were on the ground. It was the second combat mission for their plane, Bella Bortion, which also participated in a raid previously on Bangkok in Thailand. 

Lieutenant Riley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Riley of Cylon, was a former student at River Falls State Teachers College, entering service as an aviation cadet in September 1942. 

Sergeant Hunt is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hunt, Sr., 540 Chippewa Street, Eau Claire and has been in service for the past three and one-half years.