Robert D. Hunt

Corporal Robert D. Hunt, United States Marine Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Newell W. Hunt, 419 Pitt Street, has returned to Marine base for assignment to duty, after spending a 30-day furlough at home.

Corporal Hunt spent the past 18 months in the Southwest Pacific Theater of War with the Marine Air Force. 

Hunt wears the Southwest Pacific War Theater Bar with four Gold Stars, denoting participation of his unit in four major battles. The squadron to which he belongs has been cited by President Roosevelt for outstanding action against the Japs in all  four battles, and Hunt wears this citation with Gold Star, as do all members of the squadron.

Corporal Robert D. Hunt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Newell Hunt, 419 Pitt Street, and Corporal Francis H. Fitzpatrick, son of Mrs. Mary Fitzpatrick of Pueblo, CO left Monday for Chicago, after spending a short furlough at the Hunt home.

The two young men, who are veterans of the U. S. Marine campaign on Guadalcanal, Tulagi, and other Southwest Pacific islands, have completed appointments to the Naval Air Technical Center in Chicago for advanced engine maintenance work. They expect to return soon to active duty with the U.S. Marine Air Wing, now in process of formation at a Marine air base.

The boys underwent numerous Jap strafings and bombings and, for 30 or 40 days on Henderson Field, spent most of the time in fox holes.