Fred Jenkins

Fred Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Jenkins, 326 West Central Street, Chippewa Falls, and Harold W. Putzke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Putzke, Rice Lake, Route 2, were among Wisconsin men graduating as bombardier-navigators in the Army Air Forces and commissioned Second Lieutenant on April 8. 

Lieutenant Jenkins, who attended Eau Claire State Teachers College before entering service, was graduated from Childress Field and Lieutenant Putzke from San Angelo, both located in the West Texas Bombardier Quadrangle. 

Already skilled as aerial gunners, the men who won their wings are real triple-threat members of the deadly aerial combat teams. In their study and practice of dead-reckoning navigation, they have learned its application to the problem of bombing enemy targets; how it can aid in making evasion action more effective. They have become as familiar with aerial reconnaissance photographs of enemy installations as with the road map of Texas. They have learned camouflage and how to detect it; they have studied the weak points of enemy ships; they have learned to identify enemy aircraft. 

At "combat camps," far out on West Texas prairies, they learned first-hand how it feels to be a bombardier at a front-line air base, and they got a full taste of living on concentrated rations, fusing, loading and racking their own bombs, and the multitude of other duties that go into the making of a combat mission. 

Now, these young bombardier-navigators are ready for the final phase of their combat training in which they will take their places as key men in the aerial combat teams of the Army Air Forces.