Westie Jensen

Hold Family Reunion Here
Chief Warrant Officer Westie Jensen, Apprentice Seaman James Jensen, Specialist Geraldine Jensen, and Radio Technician Robert Jensen.

A family reunion was held Sunday at the Westie Jensen home, 916 Sixth Avenue, when the four members of the family serving in the Navy returned on leave, and a younger  brother, working in Idaho, arrived here. The family celebrated their father's 50th birthday.

The father, Chief Officer Westie Jensen, is on a 30-day leave, after completing two years service in the  Southwest Pacific. He is a veteran of the New Guinea, Leyte, Luzon, and Mindoro Campaigns. Chief Warrant Officer Jensen will report to San Francisco on July 23 for reassignment by the Bureau of Yards and Docks.

Geraldine Jensen, Specialist (q), First Class, is a WAVE [Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services] stationed in Washington, DC. She has been there for two years. Specialist Jensen is a 1940 graduate of Eau Claire Senior High School.

Robert Jensen, Radio Technician, Second Class, recently has been serving on a ship on the East Coast. Technician Jensen, who was graduated from Eau Claire High School  in 1941, will soon complete four years in the Navy as a Radio Technician. His wife, Paula, who resides in Milwaukee, accompanied him to Eau Claire.

James Jensen, Apprentice Seaman, attended the University of Minnesota under the V-12 Program and currently has been hospitalized at Great Lakes, IL. He is a 1943 graduate of Eau Claire Senior high School.

William Jensen, the only male member of the family not in the service, arrived from Idaho, where he is employed by the United States Forest Service. He is a senior in Eau Claire High School. 

Elizabeth,14, is at home.

All members of the family in the Navy have between eight and 10 days of their leaves left.