George Carl Jevne

Contributed by George Carl Jevne, Eau Claire

George Jevne the son of Gilbert & Bessie Jevne, Meridean, Dunn County enlisted in the U. S. Navy on June 28,1944 in Eau Claire, WI. 

He was sent to the Navel Training Station, Great Lakes IL for Boot Camp training. After completion he was sent to the Amphibious Training Base, Little Creek, VA for small landing craft training. 

Upon completion of this school he remained on the base, being transferred to the ships company as a seamen guard. He remained at this base for the duration of his tour of duty. He was discharged as Seaman First Class from the U. S. Naval Personnel Separation Center, Shelton, Virginia on February 17, 1946. 

On January 31,1949 he received a direct appointment in the officers reserve corps, as a 2d Lieutenant in the Military Intelligence Corps. He received a Honorable Discharge on November 21,1952 at Fort McCoy WI.

Contributed by George Carl Jevne, Eau Claire

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Boot Camp Stationed in Meridian

George and his brother Byron

My brother Orville came to amphibious base for training at the same time. We were in different barracks but would see each other from time to time.

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Training completed, 
LSM crew is ready to 
leave for the shipyard.
ATB Guard Company 
marches to review.
War Ration Book One

Contributed by George Carl Jevne, Eau Claire

graduation.jpg (23959 bytes) High School Graduation Photo                       




police.jpg (49780 bytes) police003.jpg (52864 bytes) police001.jpg (55731 bytes) police005.jpg (52408 bytes)
police006.jpg (39671 bytes) Year after year the Eau Claire Pistol Team were winners in State Competition.

police002.jpg (48369 bytes) George is shown at his desk with the polygraph machine during his career he examined 930 people on the lie-detector.

police004.jpg (53196 bytes) 20o below zero that day when diving with the duck's on the causeway at Carson park.

Friday, February 9, 1951. 
Officer Notices Broken Glass, Grabs Burglar
When Patrolman George Jevne noted a broken pane in the Co-operative Oil company's store at 501 Wisconsin Street. Thursday night his suspicions were aroused. 

They were fully verified a moment later when he saw a man in the store, whom he at once arrested and who has been identified as Gerald Levi Winget, 28, of 654 Wisconsin Street Jevne called a police car and Winget was hustled to the police station. 

Detective Arvin Ziehlsdorff said today that Winget admitted breaking into the store, and that he had two cartons of cigarettes on his person when he was arrested by Jevne. The incident occurred shortly before 11 p. m, while Jevne was making a routine check of doors of north side business places.

Winget is held to face charges of breaking and entering in the I night time with intent to commit the crime of larceny.

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(Staff Photo)
Tuesday, September 18, 1951
State Police Pistol Match
Shown above are some of the Eau Claire winners in the first Wisconsin Policemen's Protective association annual pistol shoot to be held here. Left to right are George Jevne, state class E champion, Lome T. Spencer, captain o the class E champion team, Arthur E. Mueller, captain of the class D champion team, Robert Wilson captain of the second place class C team, and Wallace Rudd, individual freshman rapid fire champion. Contestants and teams from about 30 cities participated.

newspolice004.jpg (33897 bytes) July 15, 1965
Fires Perfect Score
Jevne Fires Perfect 300 Perry Shoot 
Lt. George Jevne, head o f the Eau Claire police department detective bureau, shot a perfect 300 in the local department's monthly competition in the Camp Perry Shoot.

It is the first time in the department's history that a perfect score had been fired in the event and is one of the few ever shot in the state. He fired perfect 100 rounds in slow fire, time and rapid fire. 

Jevne also led the total score of the Camp Perry and practical pistol events with a 528 out of a possible 550. Merle James won the Practical Pistol event with a 241 out of a possible 250. 

Others in the top 10 category included Richard Putzy 522; Robert Field 517; Wallace O'Neill 506; Dale Krumenauer 501; Carl Skamfer and Clifford Brown 498; Don Polhamus 494; Merle James 492; Gordon Domer 489 and Don Johnson 488. 

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(Staff Photo)
Wednesday, May 7, 1969

Eau Claire's entries in Saturday's 10-mile AAU Road Race chatted before the event. From left to right are Pat Plemon, Bugs Beguhn, Dr. Dave Weiss, Jim Leonard, George Jevne and 

Dr. Dave Angell, Weiss led the group by placing 18th.

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(Staff photo)
29 August 1973

The Class A pistol team of the Eau Claire police department walked off with top honors at the 32nd annual Professional Policeman's Association state shoot held in Fond du Lac. The team won first place in the Class A team event; took the overall team championship and also the rapid fire championship. It was the third title in four years for the Eau Claire contingent. From left are Lt. Dale Krumenauer; Capt. Henry Ring and Lt. George Jevne. Missing is Officer Gary Peterson who also won the overall time fire title. Lt. Krumenauer took top honors in the Class A rapid fire event. More than 240 police officers participated.

police008.jpg (39359 bytes) August 1975
Retired Eau Claire Police Department Lieutenant George Jevne, 33 years active, top pistol shot for retired officers; all from Wisconsin. Shoot, hosted by Eau Claire Department

23 August 1976
City officers win police pistol events 
George Jevne, retired Eau Claire police lieutenant, took top honors in the retired champion's division at the Wisconsin Professional Policemen's Association state pistol match held in Madison. 

Sgt. Robert Yule won the Class B timed fire championship. Officer Patrick McNally took second in the slow fire event in the freshman class and a third in the timed fire competition. 

The Eau Claire police Class B team took fifth place. Team members are Gary Peterson, Sgt. Dan Gunderson, Sgt. Yule and Sgt. Dave Backstrom.

newspolice003.jpg (241155 bytes) JOGATHON GATHERING
Governor Warren Knowles (second from right) speaks with Region Six Jogathon participants following Saturday's event, which concluded with a reception at the YMCA. At the left are Steve Weiss and George Jevne and at the right is Mrs. Robert Dinkel, Nearly 500 joggers took part in the physical fitness event.

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(Staff Photo)
Master of ceremonies George Jevne conferred briefly with Mrs. P. J. Vlasnik, left, dinner chairman, and Mrs. Roger Plate of the leaders and sponsors association, before the annual Leader's Appreciation Night festivities for adult members of the Eau Claire Council, Camp Fire Girls, Inc.  
Camp Fire Leaders Select Board
Mrs. George Anderson was elected president of the executive board, Eau Claire Council, Camp Fire Girls, at the group's meeting Jan. 10. 

She will be assisted by the Rev. Allan Ness, vice president; Miss Jennie Webster, secretary; Roger Bollinger, treasurer and Mrs. Roger Plate, leaders and sponsors representative. 

Mrs. Donald Adams, Mrs. Willard Brill, Cecil Beede, Ramon Grams, Mrs. Duane Hanson, Mrs., Richard Hanson and Mrs. George Jevne. Dr. Elizabeth Kundert, Eugene LaFave, Dennis Mickesh, Jean Schlieve, Miss Nan Tilleson and Mrs. Truman Weippert will serve as members of the board.

 Mrs. Karl Andresen, Mrs. L. L. Arnold, Roger Barstad, Miss Ruth Charlson, Mrs. Larry Griffiths, Mrs. Austin Hanson, Mrs. Robert Kindschi, Mrs. Robert Montey and Mrs. R. J. Vlasnik will serve as members of the council. 

The Nominating Committee consists of Mrs. Duane Hanson, Mrs. Robert Kindschi and Mrs. Dennis Mickesh. 

Dr. Diane Dahl, staff physician, Northern Colony and Training School, spoke to the group on the development of personality during youth. 

She expressed approval of the Camp Fire program's structural design, which when applied, she said, tends to bring out the good qualities of the individual child. Dr. Dahl stated, "It is not mentally healthy to ignore the non-leader, for non-leaders are the backbone of our society." The Rev. Robert Leve gave the Invocation and the [missing data] closed with singing of [missing data]  Fire Law.

cert.jpg (140212 bytes) The Luther Gulick Award of the Camp Fire Girls Inc.
Gulick award is given for years and years of dedicated 
service and leadership to the local groups.

police007.jpg (69239 bytes) An FBI instructor is coaching George in proper shooting techniques.

police009.jpg (100753 bytes) The team is shown at the pistol range at the Eau Claire Water Department pumping area.

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(Staff Photo)
Officers Take Breathalyzer Course
Roland Gilbertson, right, explains the operation of breath testing equipment to two members of a class which met recently in the Dunn County jail. Students from left are; George Jevne, Eau Claire police lieutenant, and Al Shervey, Dunn County Traffic Officer. Gilbertson, a chemical test technician for the Department of Transportation, was one of the instructors.

news001.jpg (244877 bytes) HARD RUNNERS 
George Jevne, left, city police detective, is able to jog several miles under a program to keep physically fit. Ed Marcus, right, just beginning his jogging program, is able to jog a full half-lap without stopping.

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(Staff Photo)
More than 200 police officers from throughout the state competed in the 34th annual Wisconsin Professional Policemens Association pistol match held Monday in Eau Claire. Some of the winners are, from left, Capt. Henry Ring, Eau Claire, third place in Class A rapid fire; Gerald Whitfield, Madison, champion of champions; George Jevne, Eau Claire, champion in the retired officers event; and Gary Smith, Madison, freshman champion of champions.
Madison team wins state police team pistol match 
George Jevne, retired Eau Claire police lieutenant, was the top Eau Claire winner Monday in the 34th annual state police pistol shoot held at the Eau Claire police pistol range. 

Jevne won the top award for retired police officers when he scored 819 of a possible 900 points. 

Gerald Whitfield of the Madison police department was named overall champion pn his score of 879 of a possible 900 points. 

Whitfield also swept to overall titles in the slow, timed and rapid fire events. His Madison team won the grand aggregate team championship while the rapid fire team championship went to the Racine department's number one team.

Gary Smith, Madison, won the freshman champion of champions title with 806 of a possible 900 points. Freshman slow fire winner was Pete Peterson, Racine. M. Cygan, Green Bay, won the freshman timed fire event and the freshman rapid fire title went to T. Mundigler of West Allis.

Capt. Henery Ring of Eau Claire took third in the Class A rapid fire event while Eau Claire Officer Gary Peterson was fourth in the Class A timed fire match and took third in the Class A overall event with a total of 846 of a possible 900 points. Sgt. David Backstrom, Eau Claire, was fourth in the Class C timed fire event.

The Eau Claire Team No. 1 was fourth in the Class B team event with 1,058 points of a possible 1,200. Eau Claire Team No. 2 was third in the Class C team event with 1,012 of a possible 1,200.

Competing on the Eau Claire Class B team were Capt. Ring, Robert Yule, Peterson and Sgt. Dan Gunderson. Members of the Class C team. were Richard Putzy, Joseph Vig, Lt. Robert Steidtmann and Backstrom.