Gordon Ellsworth Johnson

Hits Jap Plane During Carrier Based Tokyo Raid
Gordon Ellsworth Johnson, Coxswain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sig B. Johnson, 935 James Street, was recently commended.

He entered the service in March 1943, spent 16 months at sea on a destroyer, and was with Admiral Halsey's Fifth Fleet in the first carrier-based raid on Tokyo.

The commendation, received March 22, reads as follows:

"During the morning of 21 March 1945, while stationed as a look-out on number two stack, Gordon Ellsworth Johnson did observe a Japanese plane attacking the formation. He quickly reported the danger and then manned his gun, which immediately opened fire, hitting the enemy repeatedly and causing the  enemy to fail in his attack. His quick thinking, initiative, and good judgment were exemplary and in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."