Percy J. Johnson

Awarded Bronze Star in Germany
WITH THE 106TH "LION" DIVISION—Technician Fifth Grade Percy J. Johnson, Eau Claire, has been awarded the Bronze Star for heroic achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy in Germany from December 17-21, 1944. 

Corporal Johnson is a member of the Fighting 106th (Lion) Division, which stood like a fortress for many days against the might of the German Panzers and Volksgrenadiers during the recent Ardennes counter-offensive. 

Corporal Johnson was with the division when it blunted the northward advance of Von Rundstedt's breakthrough spearhead at Manhay and began the process of liquidating the Bulge. For weeks, without pause, the Lionmen pressed the attack, until the Germans—those who were left of them—limped  back to the temporary safety of the Siegfried Line. 

Corporal Johnson, the son of Mr. Martin Johnson, 1221 1/2 Summit Street, Eau Claire, was a radio operator with Battery A,  591st Field Artillery Battalion, a component of the 106th (Lion) Division, when the mighty German counter-offensive in the Ardennes began. He was with a liaison section attached to the 424th Infantry Regiment.  

During the first few days of the counterattack, Corporal Johnson repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire in order to repair telephone lines that had been broken. In spite of the snow and ice, which made it extremely difficult to work on the wires, time and again, he crawled across open space in full view of enemy snipers to repair severed lines. 

Thanks to his heroic efforts, communication was maintained between the Infantry and the Artillery, and the Artillery was able to give its full support to the beleaguered Infantrymen.

He was awarded the medal at a ceremony in France on March 2 by Major General D. A. Stroh, Commanding General of the 106th Division.