Reynold W. Johnson

Serve on the Seas or Overseas
Private First Class Reynold W. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Gust Johnson, Colfax, with the Amphibious Shore Regiment, entered the service in April 1942. He has been in foreign service since July 1942. Private First Class Johnson has taken part in all African Theater invasions and spent four months in a hospital in Africa, after being wounded in the invasion of Pantelleria. He is now stationed somewhere in England. 

His brother, Technical Sergeant Thorwald E. Johnson, with an Army Air Forces bomber squadron, entered the service in July 1940 . He went overseas last December and is now acting as a Squadron Commander somewhere in England. His last letter hinted at the fact that his squadron is making history over Europe, no doubt meaning they are on bombing missions.

Their parents have received word that the two brothers recently had a happy meeting in London, during a 7-day leave, after not having seen each other for over three years.