Bruce W. Jordan

Pilots Receive Army Wings
A force of more than one thousand young Midwesterners became combat pilots on March 13 in eleven simultaneous Army Air Forces Training Command ceremonies.

Those from this locality receiving their pilots' wings include: Flight Officer Mason R. Burns, 320 Eighth Avenue, Eau Claire, who was graduated from Ellington Field, TX; Second Lieutenant Bernard W. Kyes, Eau Claire, who was graduated from Blackland Field, Waco, TX; Second Lieutenant Ralph Poss, 927 Chauncey, Eau Claire, who was graduated from Blackland Field; and Second Lieutenant Bruce W. Jordan, Stanley, who was graduated from Eagle Pass Field, TX.

Others who also received their wings and commissions of assignments as Flight Officers included: Second Lieutenant Willard J. Jacobson, Hixton, from Blackland; Flight Officer Joseph G. Rose III, Luck, from Blackland; Second Lieutenant John B. Haas, Marinette, from Aloe Field, Victoria, TX; Second Lieutenant Eugene J. Link, Ridgeland, from Blackland; and Second Lieutenant Robert E. Boernke, Woodville, from Eagle Pass Field.

There were 92 fliers from Wisconsin who graduated during the exercises last week.