Robert M. Joseph

Home on Survivor Leave
Two Eau Claire men, who were on the US Destroyer Beatty, when it was sent to the bottom in the Mediterranean Sea, November 6, are visiting their homes here on 30-day survivor leaves. 

They are Harold F. Outzen, Soundman Third Class, whose wife and 14-month-old child, Karen Louise, reside at 840  Chippewa Street, and Robert M. Joseph, Storekeeper Second Class, whose wife resides at 1602 1/2 Main Street. 

Outzen was Assistant Manager at F.W. Woolworth's here and at Minneapolis, before enlisting in the Navy. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Outzen live at Davenport, Iowa.

Joseph was with General Foods in Eau Claire for seven years, previous to enlisting. His parents reside at Wisconsin Rapids. 

Both men enlisted in August 1942 on different dates and did not know each other until they became shipmates on the Destroyer Beatty about a year ago. Since then, these men, who have each had more than a year of sea duty, have been through considerable action together. 

Both have had more than a dozen trips across the Atlantic in convoys. They participated in the invasion of Africa and in the invasion of Sicily and also visited the British Isles. 

They have little to say about the sinking of the Beatty except that it was by enemy planes. Casualties were light. Most members of the crew got away in boats, but a few, including Joseph, had to swim for it, a distance of about a mile. 

The Beatty was a great ship, Outzen and Joseph declared, and could take care of herself under ordinary conditions. Low visibility and an element of luck accounted for success of the German planes, they said. 

They said the Beatty had come through worse bombardments during invasion operations and in convoys, one of the most severe being one time while in the harbor at Bizerte. That fine African port and city was blasted to rubble by the Allies in their victorious assault, they added. 

Outzen and Joseph will report in New York for new assignments at the expiration of their leave, January 10.