Archie J. Kain

Eau Claire Men in England "Adopt" Girl War Orphan
Headquarters, European Theater of Operations: Staff Sergeant Homer R. Cooke of  415 Marston Avenue, Technical Sergeant Archie J. Kain of 1626 Woodland Avenue, and Staff Sergeant Arnold Carpenter, Route 4, all of Eau Claire, are three of 80 sergeants of the United States Army unit who have adopted Maureen Amelia F—, a 10-year-old English orphan.

The unit is undergoing intensive training under the command of  Lieutenant General Jacob L. Devers in the European Theater of Operations.

The men were on hand recently when a full day's party was staged for Maureen. From the time she arrived at the American post to find a huge sign, reading "Welcome, Maureen," until she left, loaded down with gifts, the sergeants did everything possible to give the little girl the time of her life.

The mess sergeant prepared a meal which included steak, ice cream, and a huge cake, inscribed with her name. The soldiers also subscribed to a fund to buy Maureen a complete new outfit—shoes, dress, hat, dressing gown, underwear, and a silver identity chain.

Maureen was made honorary president of the sergeants' club and was taken for a ride in a jeep to see her first baseball game.