William F. Keegan

Staff Sergeant William F. Keegan, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Keegan, 320 Mappa Street, has arrived safely in England, according to word received by his parents. 

He entered the service in June 1942 and received his training at Fort Meade, MD and Fort McClellan, AL.

Eau Claire Sergeant in Service Unit in France, Providing Shows, Films
WITH THE U. S. FORCES IN FRANCE.—In the dark hold of a half-sunken freighter off the coast of Normandy, sun-browned men of a United States Army anti-aircraft unit sat cross-legged on the deck, intently watching the image on the screen in front of them.

They were witnessing their first entertainment since the invasion of France, a movie starring Jane Wyman and Jack Carson, brought to their isolated position in an amphibious truck, or DUKW, by a Special Service Company. 

At any spot, where men are stationed and want entertainment--in shell craters, dugouts, ex-Nazi fortifications, or French chateaus--movies are shown. 

This trip to the anti-aircraft unit was typical of those made, day and night, by men of the Special Service Company. Early in the morning, motion picture technicians loaded a portable projector, screen, generator and film into a small truck and drove to the beach. Here, the equipment was transferred to a DUKW, and men and equipment were taken to the anti-aircraft unit more than a half mile off shore. 

Upon the arrival of the unit, the Special Service men had to find a place dark enough to show the film and with room enough for the gun crews to sit and watch. 

"Once, we showed a movie from the back of a truck into a blacked-out tent. You see, many of the units we serve work harder at night than in the daytime and we have to present our entertainment in daylight," one of the group said. 

The Special Service Company is divided into theatrical technicians, who present variety shows and help the men stage their own shows; radio technicians, who play transcriptions of radio shows broadcast in the United States and handle the public address system for variety shows; athletic technicians, who arrange league games in various sports between companies in the field; and education and library technicians, who have charge of a circulating library. 

In this particular company, a dance band, of which Corporal Robert E. Doak, Jr., Brownsville, PA  is  leader, has been formed. The band plays strictly for listening since coming to France, as there are no girls to dance with in the field. 

Staff Sergeant William F. Keegan, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Keegan, 320 Mappa Street,  is a Platoon Sergeant in the unit. A graduate of St. Patrick's High School, he entered the service in June 1942. Before going overseas in October 1943, he trained at Fort Meade, MD and Camp McClellan, AL. He has been stationed in Ireland, England, and France.

Mr. and Mrs. John Keegan, 320 Mappa Street, have received “An Irishman’s Letter” from their son, Staff Sergeant William F. Keegan, with a U.S. Army Specialized Service Unit stationed in Ireland since last October.