Russell G. Kern

Eau Claire Soldier, Home on Furlough, Is Victim of Car Crash
Corporal F. D. Kern Dies, Girl Companion Injured
An automobile crash on Highway 53, near the north city limits, Tuesday night, resulted in the death of one person, and serious, if not critical injuries, to another. 

Corporal Francis Duane Kern, 22, U.S. Army, who arrived home on furlough from Camp Hood, Texas, earlier in the day, to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kern, 815 Hastings Way, was the victim. He died in the Stokes ambulance on the way to the Sacred Heart Hospital a few minutes after the crash. He was driving. 

His companion, Miss Shirley Mae St. Louis, 18, who lives with her grandmother, Mrs. Alice St. Louis, at 716 Starr Avenue, is in a serious condition at Sacred Heart Hospital as the result of a broken jaw, other facial and head injuries, a fractured upper arm, and multiple abrasions and contusions. Dr. R. A. Buckley, who is attending the injured, said that she would recover, although her injuries were serious.

Cause of Crash Unknown
Just how the accident occurred is not known, except that the car crashed into a tree on the east side of Highway 53 about 200 feet south of Eddy Lane. As far as is known, no one witnessed the tragedy.

According to the police who investigated the crash, after being notified by telephone at 9:45 that there had been an accident near Crossing No. 2, it appeared that the car, which was going north at the time, had gotten out of control, left the pavement, side-swiped a sign post, then side-swiped a tree, which evidently deflected it from its course and sent it sideways against another tree, around which it virtually wound itself. 

Corporal Kern's face was crushed, his skull fractured, both legs were broken in several places, and there were other lesser injuries. He was dead when the ambulance reached the Sacred Heart Hospital.

Suffering from a broken jaw, among her other injuries, Miss St. Louis was unable to talk and, hence, could give no explanation as to what happened to cause the car to leave the highway, which the police said, was free of ice and snow. 

Coroner Wallace Stokes said there would be no inquest.  

Police investigating the crash said it was the most completely demolished car they had ever seen, following a wreck of this nature. 

Was In Ordnance 
Corporal Kern is survived by his parents; two sisters, Miss Beverly Kern of Milwaukee and Miss Donna of Eau Claire; three brothers, Corporal Russell Kern, stationed in Tennessee, Keith and James Kern of Eau Claire; and his grandmother, Mrs. Emma Johnson of Wheeler.

Corporal Kern entered the service on October 8, 1942 and, at the time of his death, was Technical Corporal in the 569th Ordnance Company, HMJK, 310th Ordnance Battalion, Camp Hood, TX.

He was born in Chippewa County. He was a member of the English Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer. 

Funeral arrangements await arrival of the brother from Tennessee.

Corporal and Mrs. Russell Kern left Wednesday for Smyrna, TN, where Corporal Kern is stationed at an Army camp, after spending two weeks here. He was called home by the death of his brother, Francis Kern.

Russell G. Kern, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kern, 815 Hastings Way, has been promoted to Sergeant in the Army Air Corps. He is stationed in Smyrna, TN.

Sergeant Russell G. Kern, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kern, 815 Hastings Way, arrived in India, according to word received by his wife, the former Theresa Anibas, 813 Starr Avenue.

He entered the service on October 31, 1942 and was stationed at Fort Sheridan, IL; Miami Beach, FL; Amarillo, TX; Chanute Field, IL; Maxwell Field, AL; and Smyrna, TN.

Sergeant Kern received his wings as an engineer and is now serving overseas as a Propeller Specialist.

His brother, Private Keith Kern, is serving with the Infantry at Camp Fannie, Texas.