Charles K. Kincaid

Mrs. C. K. Kincaid and daughter, Mary, will leave tomorrow on the “400” for Springfield, OH to visit Mrs. Kincaid’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Dunbar. From there, Mrs. Kincaid will go to Charlotte, NC to visit her husband, Captain Kincaid, now stationed at Camp Sutton.

Former Health Unit Director Now In England
Captain Charles K. Kincaid, Army Medical Corps, former Medical Director of the City-County Health Department here, has arrived in England, according to word received by his wife, who resides at 1817 Emery Street.

Captain Kincaid entered the service on January 1, 1943 and served at Camp Robinson, Little Rock, AR. He then went to the Northwest Territory of Canada, where he was stationed for six months.

He returned to the United States and was at Camp Sutton, NC, before being sent to England.

He is attached to an all-Negro engineering regiment.