Fred "A" Kings

Five Eau Claire men are receiving their initial naval indoctrination at the U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL. They are Glenn W. Hoover, 18, Rural Route 1; Fred "A" Kings, 18, State Street Road; Donald L. Peterson, 17, 510 Newton Street; James C. Poppe, 17, 915 South Dewey Street; and Roy L. Woodley, 17, 1739 South Slope Terrace.

George Edward Weggen, 18, Seaman, First Class, United States Naval Reserve, Eau Claire, helps build and maintain repair facilities for PT boats in the Pacific. He is now in the Philippines.

In the Southwest Pacific for 11 months, Weggen took part in the Leyte invasion. He was under fire several times.

"On one occasion, when the Jap planes came over, I was in my bunk," he said. "My trousers, lying at the foot of the bunk, were riddled by shrapnel."

He is a 1943 graduate of Eau Claire Senior High School. Weggen was employed by the Wisconsin Telephone Company, when he enlisted on March 13, 1944. He received his training at Great Lakes, IL.

His half-brother, Fred Kings, 18, also is in the Navy. His mother, Mrs. Veda Kings, lives on State Road.