John (Jack) Kins

John (Jack) Kins, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kins, Durand, will leave this week for San Francisco, CA for overseas duty, after spending a leave here, after three months service in the North Atlantic.

His sister, Miss Guendlyn Kins, WAVE, also visited her parents, before leaving for Jacksonville, FL Naval Air Station, where she will do Secret Service work.

Kins enlisted in the Merchant Marines in July 1944. He was graduated from the Merchant Marines at Sheepshead Bay, NY and was instructor of an advanced training section of 50 men.

He later shipped out on the East Coast and recently received his three-month service bars.

He graduated from Durand High School in 1944.

His sister, 21, enlisted in the WAVEs in June 1944 and received training at Hunter College in New York City. She was graduated from Durand High School in 1941, attended Stout Institute in Menomonie, and completed a term at the McDowell School of Fashion in New York City.