Robert D. Klatt

Sergeant Robert D. Klatt of the Headquarters Company of  Tank Destroyer Group has arrived safely somewhere in England, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Klatt of this city.

Sergeant Klatt entered service on July 27, 1942 and took training at Camp Robinson, AR; Camp Bowie and Camp Hood, TX; and Camp Pickett and Camp Bradford, VA; Camp Edwards, MA; and Fort Dix, NJ.

Sgt. Robert Klatt in European Tank Destroyer Outfit
HEADQUARTERS, EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS— "Highly trained, in fine fettle, and anxious to get a crack at the Germans" is the way the Commanding Officer of a tank destroyer outfit, now in England, describes his men.

"These boys are ready to live up to their motto of Seek, Find, Destroy," said their Commander. "Their comrades in Africa, Sicily, and Italy have set a high standard for these men to live up to, but I'm more than sure they'll do it."

The men are armed with the effective bazooka, "and these boys think it can't be beaten as a tank buster," their Commander says. They all carry carbines and pistols in addition to their bazookas and "have very high scores on all three weapons—and with their high-powered anti-tank guns, too."

Among the men in this battle-keen outfit is Sergeant Robert D. Klatt, Eau Claire, WI.