Clarence J. Kling

Eau Claire Officer Aids in Party for English Children
HEADQUARTERS, European Theater of Operations—Four hundred English children, including a number from a nearby orphanage, were guests of the section officers and enlisted personnel of a headquarters in western England at a gala Christmas party. 

The children saw motion picture cartoon films, featuring the antics of Donald Duck and Popeye. Toys and candy were distributed by one of the heftiest and largest Santa Clauses in Europe, 292-pound Staff Sergeant Vincent F. Kennedy of Stamford, CT. 

Officers and men of the section contributed funds and their candy ration for the affair. The mess hall was decorated for the occasion with two Christmas trees, gaily illuminated, and an archway of pine branches, surmounted by a Merry Christmas greeting. 

In the mess hall, the children found sandwiches, quantities of ice cream "right from the freezer," pudding, fruit cocktail, jellies and jams, and pie, topped off by generous portions oŁ cocoa. 

Having expected only 150 guests, the kitchen staff nevertheless was equal to the occasion. Directed by Staff Sergeant Samuel Church of Rush, KY, Mess Sergeant, and Second Lieutenant G. J. Kling, 341 Ferry Street, Eau Claire, Mess Officer, the kitchen personnel kept a steady stream of "seconds" and "thirds" flowing into the mess hall. 

Major Thomas J. Elder of Graham, TX, Headquarters Commandant, and Captain Charles R. Zimmer of Lexington, KY, Headquarters Company Commander, aided in welcoming the children and seeing to it that no child was forgotten. 

Impressed at the willingness of the men and officers to go "all out"' for the children, Colonel Fenton S. Jacobs of San Francisco, Chief of Staff, saw to it that as much time as possible was devoted to the children without interruption of the daily chores of the base kitchen.

Major William E. Hoffenbacher of  Rochester, IN, Chief Chaplain, also assisted. 

A number of enlisted men helped to make the affair an outstanding success. They included First Sergeant Jerold D. Boswell of Wynnewood, OK and Technical Sergeant Theodore Rix of Cresco, IA.

[**data missing**]Lieutenant Kling, mentioned in the article sent from England about a Christmas party for children given there by American service men, is Lieutenant Clarence J. Kling, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore T. Taylor, with [**data missing**]